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Nile River 2007

Private Dahabeah Cruise
with Juliana Coles

March 11-22, 2009
Just returned a few days ago, and the trip was WONDERFUL!
The Dahabiyya Hadeel is beautiful and the voyage EXCEEDED
expectations in every regard!  Would HIGHLY recommend
to other travelers.  Will be posting pictures in
next few days.  Please check back!

Seeking the Source, Journey on the Nile.  The Archaeology of Soul


You’ll find what you are looking for among the ruins...

Fellow traveler, we knew your journey would eventually lead you to this site.  That is why we have directed your correspondence here.


Attention:   Explorers & Archeologists

(Please keep secret what we are about to reveal to you)

This is an invitation to join the Coles & Granger Expedition on an intimate voyage to set sail up the Nile through ancient Egypt.  You have been chosen from a prestigious and secret list of intrepid travelers and seekers.  This is the transformational journey you have been preparing for all your life.  It is time to excavate your self from the dark tomb of your past and recover a treasure within more valuable than that of the boy King, Tutankhamen.   This is a golden opportunity:   a  once  in  a  life  time  event.

Cartographers and Map KeepERS:


As an expedition member, you will map this incredible journey in a unique travel journal, the Archeologist’s Field Guide.  Learn to combine journal writing, note taking, observations and clues from the ancient sites with collage, maps, photographs, tickets, and sketches to create a record of travel that will continue to unfold long after the journey is over.  Uncover your own hall of records beneath the protection of the Great Sphinx.


It is easy to imagine the glory of ancient Egypt as we leisurely set sail aboard the Hadeel, a private Dahabiyya, a beautifully crafted wooden Egyptian sail boat to experience Egypt as she was meant to be discovered.  In the splendor of Cleopatra, we will travel like royalty on the river Nile away from the hustle and bustle of tourist cruises and jammed ports.  You are about to navigate this famous river, a journey from which many      never      returned.  Witness village life along the river banks and drink in her rich landscapes, ancient monuments, temples and tombs.

 Our true journey will reveal itself

Along the way we will visit prominent archeological sites and walk among ancient ruins and remarkable temples.  We will wonder at the hieroglyphs and stand in awe before ancient paintings and carvings.   This is a lesson in art history that won’t be found in a book. 

This is the soul’s journey.

Archeologists and explorers have always kept detailed accounts of the voyage such as the journals recorded by the Lewis and Clark, and Burton & Speke Expeditions.  These intricate journals combine note taking and observations with sketches and maps. We too will record the journey by using the creative techniques developed by Juliana Coles for deciphering our own personal symbols, much like trying to decode the hieroglyphs.

Juliana Coles has been leading these soulful expeditions into the heart of self expression for twenty years.  Lou Ann Granger has been an intrepid traveler for 35 years.  Isn’t it time to gain from their combined experience of making travel sacred? This expedition offers a life changing experience.

All aboard.


You will finally connect with the source of your being to discover your authentic self among the ruins in order to live a fuller, more satisfying, life.  As we travel outward to visit these ancient sites, we will come to the center of our own existence. 


We will not risk this adventure alone.  The inner expedition is not solitary;   this excavation of Self will be made more fruitful by the shared journey- there is safety in numbers.

 Unification of Upper and lower

Transformational travel is not easy.  It is a challenge. We are here to guide you.  You will benefit from our shared experience.   As above, so below.

This is a once in a life time expedition.   What we see and do will be important to document and record.   None of this will be repeated in all eternity.   These are precious moments you will witness and savor your entire lifetime; jewels you will look at between the pages of your Archeological Field Guide.  This is Evidence of the Journey.  In these pages, you will recreate yourself. The book of the dead is a manual for the living.

 Enter the temple

We will be able to retrace our footsteps when we return home.  We will have created our guidebook from our maps, memories, and incredible adventures.  This is the never ending voyage.  This is how we bring back the boon.

 Bringing back the boon

Your presence and urgent response is demanded.  If you hear the call, say yes, a thousand times, yes.

 “Come, whoever you are!   Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving
Come.  This is not a caravan of despair. 
It doesn‘t matter if you’ve broken your vow a thousand times, still
Come, and yet again Come” - Rumi


Space is limited.   Do not hesitate...

You are necessary to this voyage.



Coles & Granger Expeditions, Ltd.


Join us for this unique Nile Cruise!
Dates are March 11-22, 2009. 
Space is limited, and filling quickly!
For registration information, please email us at:

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