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Journaling on the Edge
in Key West

January 25-30, 2009

A Guidebook for Radical Self Expression
.... and Soul Scavenging

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“Welcome fine women, to Southern Most House, off the coast of the Florida Mainland, a luxurious Grand Hotel overlooking the deep dark ocean.  From the terrace of  this breathtakingly perfect mansion, we delicately sip tea, pinkies extended please, while sitting most properly on white wicker furniture.  We chat quietly beside the lovely pool as we take in the laid back atmosphere of island life.  We think calm thoughts of pretty fish and delicate pink sea shells.  In this humid paradise with colorful tropical birds and gardens, we giggle romantically to think of  Hemingway, Bogart and Bacall and dream of an artistic, adventurous, daring life.   Like ladies in waiting, we stroll the widow’s walk, and look out to sea while being bathed in a balmy breeze as the sun disappears in a Technicolor dream Sunset...”


...Stop right there...because the truth is, we wait for no one.  

Sisters, Hoist the Pirate colors;   behind this pretty facade we are rum runnin’ table dancin’ sword carryin’ smugglin’ cussin’ cutthroat scavengers and pirates.  We know these are not safe waters.  We redirect the lighthouse.  We, like sirens, bring ships to their doom on the dangerous rocks.  We scavenge the wreckage. We live off of sunken treasure. This is our wealth.  We are the authority on our own lives here on this  island, this final outpost in a  land below the law.  In this renegade atmosphere, we recover our authentic selves from the wreckage,  like buried treasure, and learn to protect our booty  at all costs.  This is what we came here for.  This is a life worth living.  You won’t find your treasure while sitting there comfortably in a too small life you‘ve outgrown...

You’ll have to fight for it.

Join us as we venture out past the safety of our known world; to Key West, the Southern most point of the United States. This is where the shore meets the sea. There is no turning back now. There is no where left to run; as we are poised on the edge of Southern Most House. We’ll have to face it.  Beyond this point, there may be dragons, most certainly pirates.

Aye captain, there’s a woman at the helm of this ship,

sailing bravely towards her own destiny...

Fellow pirates, scavengers and renegades, don’t be fooled by the safety of the lighthouse.  Let me redirect the light to make it clear for you:  there’s treasure in these here uncharted waters.  So if you are ready to experience a meaningful encounter with the self, then come with me, you know who you are.  Batten down the hatches mates, and call to arms ‘cause we are going out to sea...deep into the center of our being for treasure beyond imagination:   that’s right -gold, jewels, and the occasional artifact of our existence.   We will  travel through various journal writing assignments combined with art making exercises to dig deep to find ourselves and tell our unique story in the container of a mixed media book of self exploration.  In this creative and expressive dive into the deep, we’ll journey to our rich interior and return to tell the tales of Ahoy!  We’ve Found her in all this wreckage, this churning sea of life, this  buried soul in the Bermuda triangle, this unentered darkness of scattered bones and blood:   this is where our real life wants to be resurrected and dug up.  Not perfected, controlled, or prettified for some imagined audience that  ain’t us  or who we want to be, but raw, honest, gut-wrenching, pure and powerful- as is- without the need for embellishment or damn critic.  Welcome, treasure seekers, this mysterious cavernous underworld is my terrain:  I work and create in these dark waters and treacherous reefs so frightening and yet so hauntingly beautiful.   And as the Captain, I know where the hidden map is that X marks the spot.  It’s deep within.

It is time to uncover your true being

Come aboard, I know you are ready for this journey

Scavengers and Pirates, our life is ours for the taking. That’s the scavenger’s code.  We will  recover from the depths a buried treasure so well hidden and guarded we did not know it existed.  This could get messy and a little dangerous as we  learn to combine journal writing exercises in the form of scrolls, unsent letters, pirate’s logs, with art making assignments such as mapping,  sketches- yes you can!- with painting and collage in the safe container of a blank book or journal.  I’ll teach you all you need to know to redefine your destiny and make tangible what is precious in you as we use creativity to develop an internal dialogue.  This is challenging work, but it’s time to scavenge and plumb the depths of our being.  Our very survival depends on our ability to navigate our own sea of signs and symbols. Sooner or later,

everyone will have a meeting with the Self.

What are you waiting for?

Destiny calls:   are you listening?  Place the shell upon your ear and hear the loud roar.  It is time to hoist the anchor that has been weighing you down and set sail to paradise...

the time is now

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