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Destiny Voyages Manifesto

Transformational.  Healing.  Life Changing.

 Coles & Granger
Expeditions of Soul:

 The voyage within begins with a journey outside ourselves.  We must travel far to expand and challenge the parameters of our existence.  We embark, because something vital was missing in life.  The inner journey, contrary to societyís beliefs, is the most important journey of all.

The  Call

It has been our dream to travel to remarkable destinations in the company of other seekers to unite creative expression with sacred travel.  We desire to create meaningful encounters with self through our inner and outer experiences.  We are not just checking sites off our map of things to do.  We travel to find ourselves among the ruins.  For this reason we hire private guides for every tour.  We are not among hundreds.  We are small intimate groups where our voices can be heard and our questions honored.  This is travel at its most soulful.

 If you are looking for a Club Med experience, read no further.

 As we travel outward to visit these ancient sites, we will come to the center of our own existence.  We will not risk this adventure alone.  The inner expedition is not solitary:  this excavation of self will be made more fruitful by the shared journey.  

Evidence of the Journey

These are once in a lifetime voyages.  What we see and do will be important to document and record.  None of this will be repeated in all eternity.  These are precious moments to witness and savor your whole lifetime:  jewels you will find between the pages of your Visual Travelogue.  This is evidence of the journey.  In these pages, you will recreate yourself.

 Bringing Back the Boon

We will be able to retrace the footsteps of our voyage when we return home.  We will have created our guidebook or Visual Travelogue from our maps, memories, and incredible adventures.  This is the never ending voyage. 
This is how we bring back the boon.

 Transformational travel is not easy.  It is a challenge.  We are here to guide you.  You will benefit from our shared experiences.

 Juliana Coles has been leading these soulful expeditions into the heart of self expression for 20 years.  Lou Ann Granger has been an intrepid traveler for 35 years.  Isnít it time to gain from our combined experience of making travel sacred?

 Heed the Call.

Itís time to get your passport in order.

All aboard. 

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